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Find out why Koofiexpress is ‘We make it easy for you’. From details about our gourmet in-flight meals to air travel tips and flight information to excess baggage standards, you’ll find all of the passenger information you need here from Koofiexpress.

In Flight Meals

Get a taste for the gourmet in-flight meals offered by Jubba Airways including spe…read more +

Flight Information

Find details about your flight with Koofiexpress including travel updates, arriva…

The Experience

Learn how Koofiexpress makes all types of travel easy with details on children tr…


Information about how Koofiexpress makes your flight more comfortable with multi-…

Travel Tips

Prepare for your flight with these travel trips from Koofiexpress including in-fl…

Excess Baggage Info

Learn about the allowable limits of luggage and what Koofiexpress does to transpo…

Travel Classes

Fly in class with Koofiexpress! Learn about the features and benefits of travelin…

Travel Agents

View the list of travel agents around the world who can help you can book your fli…